Unit 3 Consignment Form

    1. Unit3 is responsible to market, distribute and fulfil any orders.
    2. Consignee is expected to service products without reminder from Unit3.
    3. Unit3 is not responsible for any expiration of products.
    4. Consignee is expected to deliver products to Unit3 office.
    5. Unit3 will mark up the price of product selling price.
    6. Unit3 will impose a 10% commission on each sale.
    7. Payment will be done to consignee once a month.
    8. By submitting this form, consignee has agreed to our terms and conditions.
      1. Leave black if answered no in previous question
      2. Including Brand name, type of product (food, clothing, merchandise, etc.), product name, and packaging size.
      3. Shelf life means how long can your product stay on the shelf before expiry
        Perishable means it is easily destroyed/harmed. Eg: Fruits, Cookies
        We use Pos Laju as our main courier. Can your product be shipped with this courier?